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For enterprise, the importance of data information is beyond doubt. It determines the enterprise competitiveness in industry, even influences the enterprise viability. Nevertheless, the enterprise data information faces threats from the Internet at every moment. The situations such as malicious program (virus, Trojan) attacks and accidental data leak caused by enterprise employees may cause enterprise data information to leak or get lost. Moreover, along with the booming of various smart mobile devices (such as smartphone), the enterprise data also suffers great threat. On January 30, 2012, Check Point released a report about mobile device’s threat to enterprise information security. This report indicated that 71% of respondents thought mobile device caused more safety accidents:

  1. Most enterprises indicated that enterprise network is more likely to be damaged by external person when more and more mobile devices connect to enterprise network.
  2. Common mobile devices have lower security, furthermore, lots of hackers target on the client end of smartphone now, so employee’s enterprise data information in mobile phone also face great threat.
  3. Employee’s behaviors influence the enterprise data security. Most respondents think the biggest data security factor is that employee lacks of security awareness. For instance, employee uses mobile phone to view Web, unsafe Wi-Fi connection, device loss or robbery and malicious mobile applications downloads. All these situations may cause data information to leak and get lost.

Form aspects above we can obviously find the enterprise data information security threat caused by employee’s improper mobile device use. However, everyone can’t stop using mobile device, so enterprises have to keep data information in confidential as much as possible. When encountering stubborn virus attacks, enterprise still face serious security threat which may cause data loss or data leak.

Facing data loss, lots of users feel very helpless. Currently professional data recovery company can help us recover lost data, but the lost data information is always very confidential to enterprise. When resorting to professional data recovery company, enterprise still can’t avoid data leak, so the professional data recovery company is not our best assistant of solving data loss. At this time, lots of users may think of recovering lost data with data recovery software. But in this software market, how can we choose a piece of professional and reliable data recovery software among products with different qualities?

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