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As everybody knows, good computer partition management not only facilitates storing and managing data, but also promotes computer performance and disk space utilization rate to a certain extent. In order to better manage computer partition, lots of users choose to use partition manager software. However, as the quantity demand for professional partition management software constantly increases, the appearance of lots of inferior partition management software bothers users a lot. However, many users don’t care about it, and they just casually use a piece of partition management software gained on the Internet to manage partition with important data on the computer. Finally, they encounter serious result. So did me.     


Because new stored important data occupied too much space, my original computer disk partition distribution already can’t meet the current data storage requirement. One of the partitions with important data lacked of space, but other unimportant partitions had much free space. In order to promote disk space utilization rate and store more important data, I chose to repartition hard disk. However, since all my computer partitions kept useful data and I must ensure data security, I chose to use professional partition management software to resize partition according to net-friend’s suggestion. However, because I knew little about partition management software and I didn’t realize the harm of inferior partition management software, I casually downloaded a piece of partition management software to adjust computer partition.   


When I first open partition management software, I was confused by its complicated operating interface and didn’t know how to use it. After learning details on its official website, I chose the Merge Partition function according to my real situation and merge the partition keeping a little of important data to the partition lacking of space. After finding aim, I began to perform operations according to software operation prompt. When I successfully completed operations and was thinking whether the operations were right, the software quickly performed all my operations. The result bothered me a lot. I didn’t know why the software performed rollback when merging partitions, which not only made the partition merging a failure, but also caused the partition with a little of important data to lose. Although this partition didn’t include much data, the data in it was quite important. Facing that situation, I was so regretful, but regretting is useless. Then I thought of asking help on the Internet.         


After learning on the Internet, I knew MiniTool Partition Wizard. It is a piece of new professional partition management software and is highly praised by lots of computer users. This software not only helped me successfully recover lost partition, but also helped me merge the two partitions I failed to merge previously without damaging data. Its function is pretty powerful and the operations are very simple, so I easily completed the partition recovery and partition merging without knowing much about computer knowledge. 


Thinking of the previous partition loss, although I didn’t suffer losses and further knew partition management software, I still remind you that you’d better choose the famous professional partition management software with good reputation. It is most important to decrease losses brought by inferior software.