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The contest between Mac operating system and Windows operating system is always hotly debated in computer industry. Supporters of different platforms also show their opinions to support their platform. Most Mac users say that the Mac operating system security obviously surpasses Windows operating system, and we can see it from two aspects: Firstly, the Windows users around us always encounter plenty of data information leak caused by the attack of harmful program such as virus. Besides, lots of enterprises who use Windows operating system also say they once encountered virus invasion. So, Windows platform is more likely to be damaged. Secondly, lots of Windows users gradually turn to Mac computer because of the security to a certain degree. And this situation also indirectly indicates Mac platform security is higher than Windows platform.

However, many users who think Windows platform is safer disagree with the analysis above. Although the frequency that Windows platform suffers attack from harmful program is higher than Mac platform, it can’t prove Mac has superior security. Currently, Windows platform occupies large operating system market share, so hackers develops lots of virus Trojan programs for Windows platform to gain more interests. And while Windows platform fights against the security threat, the hacker technology also constantly increases, so Windows platform faces higher security challenge. Therefore, it is quite normal that Windows platform suffers more hacker attacks than Mac platform. If Mac also occupies large operating system market share now, it will also encounter security challenge Windows faces. So, the hacker attack frequency doesn’t prove Mac security is superior, and Mac security may be lower than Windows platform on the contrary. As for the situation that Windows users turn to Mac platform, lots of users indicates that it is because Mac user experience effect is more excellent, but not because of Mac system security.

Through two different opinions above, I believe we can’t decide which one is safer. In fact, no matter which platform has higher security, if we don’t pay attention to computer security, the system will also encounter potential security risk. Therefore, security defense work is necessary for all operating systems. As we all know, when encountering security threat, the important data information leak or data loss is most influential. But if we employ a piece of professional data recovery software, even when encountering data loss, we can recover lost data at the first, decreasing the disaster brought by data loss.

Speaking of data recovery software, Windows users is not so worried because lots of data recovery software for Windows operating system exists in current software market, such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery, Easy Recovery. But Mac users are not easy because it is difficult to find a piece of Mac data recovery software. Here, a piece of professional Mac data recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is highly recommended, hoping it helps you.

As long as you perform the security measures above, you can keep your data safer.