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News of the World under Rupert Murdoch news group was involved in eavesdropping scandal in July of last year, and other newspapers such as The Sun and Daily Mirror are also in trouble of eavesdropping scandal and paying money for sensitive information. Prime Minister of UK Cameron has given orders to appellate court judge Brain Leveson to start the survey of this eavesdropping scandal. Recently, new clues are found.

In February 11, British police arrested five reporters from The Sun, two policemen and one staff from Ministry of National Defense.

Spokesman of police said that the five reporters are between 45 to 68 ages, being involved of bribery and instigation. Other two policemen and one staff from Ministry of National Defense are under suspicion of bribe-taking and providing paid information. The staff arrested is a 39 years old female.

Chief Editor of The Sun has showed his surprise by this news in his statement, but he “decide to guide The Sun to pass this rough period”.

After reading this news, many users think that as long as we install anti-virus software in computer, we can efficiently prevent virus attack so that privacy leaking is almost impossible. Eavesdropping is impossible. However, there is another piece of news that will surprise you a lot:

The famous British actor Hugh Grant who has played in Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral said in the survey that Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday have eavesdropped or invaded into his mobile phone, and have got much private information of him. He hopes that though survey, new supervision system can be set up to supervise media strictly.

Actually, as a public figure, Hugh Grant has installed anti-virus software in his phone. But this doesn’t work all the time. Even with anti-virus software, our private information saved in phone still is in risk of leaking. Anti-virus software needs the following steps to protect phone or computer from a new type of virus:

  1. User’s computer is attacked by virus, and virus signatures are submitted to anti-virus software developer.
  2. Once anti-virus software developer receives virus signatures, they will add this type virus to virus database. Then new virus database is put on the Internet for downloading.
  3. After downloading new virus database, anti-virus software will be able to prevent new virus type.

This is the whole process from one new virus type emerges to it can be prevented by anti-virus software. We can see that this process takes much time. Hence, this period of time is very dangerous because private data will be easy-to-leak. It is better not to save data in phone for long-term. Once we transferred important private data to other places, we should instantly delete private data from phone. To avoid private data being recovered, it is suggested to use partition management software MiniTool Partition Wizard, which has the function of “DOD 5220.28 – STD” that wipes data thoroughly. Through research by USA Security Bureau experts, only “DOD 5220.28 – STD” standard can permanently wipe data and no data recovery technology is able to recover wiped data.