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In April of 2011, hacker stole about 77 million of clients’ information including credit card account from the Sony online network PlayStation in the Sony event. This hacker attack event forced Sony to close the service, and lost about 170 million dollars. Then another Sony cyber video game server was attacked, which leaked 25 million users information.

In June, 2011, Citibank system was attacked by hacker. This event may cause twenty-one hundred thousand North American users’ information (such as name, account, e-mail) to be leaked. It may be the biggest direct attack the large financial institution encountered, and it is likely to cause thorough reconditioning in banking industry data security system.

In July of 2011, the hacker group Swagec indicated that they had successfully invaded the UK website of American popular music queen Lady Gaga. In the following statement, Universal Music confirmed this news. Hacker gained detailed information (including name and e-mail address about thousands of fans.

Facing more and more serious hacker threat, most users worried about our ability of dealing with challenge. Common users’ computers have little important data, so they seldom encounter such kind of high-level attack. But our computers should have certain ability to defend common hacker attack.

The computer security measures include starting firewall, installing anti-virus software, performing strictly permission management. Perhaps, users seldom pay attention to the factor which needs our attention – using NTFS file system. Many users don’t understand the relation between using NTFS file system and system security. In fact, file system has much to do with computer security. Besides better managing files, NTFS also surpasses FAT 32 file system in security. With NTFS file system, we can set access permission for shared files and shared resources. Through settings, we can only allow some groups or users to visit folders, files and shared resources. At this time, we can set access permissions with different levels for the specified groups or users. This access permission is appropriate for both local computer users and cyber users and compared with file system such as FAT32, it is safer. Besides, from the security log, we can view the groups and users who visit the folder and file as well as the visit level record to find unlawful visit. After that, we can take corresponding security measures to lower the system threat degree. So, when using computer, you’d better use NTFS file system.

Maybe lots of users still use file system such as FAT 32, but have no reasonable reason to change partition file system. Deleting new partition is one of the solutions, but users are afraid of partition data loss. So, how can we find perfect solution? Certainly, we can use disk management software MiniTool Partition Wizard. With its file system converting function, we can easily convert file system without damaging data. Thus, we convert FAT to NTFS file system.

If you are using FAT 32 file system, convert it to NTFS now. NTFS file system can promote your computer security performance.