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When managing partitions in Windows 7, we sometimes have the need to delete partition, for example, when there is no enough space in system partition. As Windows 7 built-in disk management tool has the functions of resizing partition, we will think about expanding system partition with this tool first. But when actually operating, we will find it difficult. We can only expand system partition with adjacent unallocated space. This requirement is hard to satisfy. We need to delete the adjacent partition to release some space for system partition.

After deleting the adjacent partition, what should we do if the partition saves our important files which are also deleted? It is rather unfortunate to encounter this situation. We must do something to solve the problem. Most users will try to use data recovery software to recover the lost important data. However, the process is very complex, because the deleted partition saves a large amount of data, so it is very hard to find the ones we need to recover among all the data. What is the best solution to recovering lost important data?

For users with rich data recovery experience, the best solution is to recover the whole lost partition directly. This might be puzzling for some users. How can we recover the whole deleted partition? We can rely on partition magic like MiniTool Partition Wizard to recover lost partition easily without requiring any data recovery knowledge. The partition recovery function of it not only can recover your deleted partition, but also can recover the data in it. At first, I was hesitating about it, but I was convinced by the result of testing. What’s more, I also discovered a good solution to expand system partition – using partition magic to resize partition directly. It will never cause any effect on data. Thus we can avoid the risk of deleting partition and simplify the operations.

If you are still using data recovery software to recover data with complex operations, why don’t you try my solution? If you have any hesitation, you can try it with a useless partition or after backing up disk in advance. You will absolutely be surprised by its great performance!