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Security and excellent image processing technology are the main features of MAC and also the reasons for Mac’s popularity. However, with the growing number of MAC users, more and more hackers are coveting this pure filed. More and more types of MAC virus are spreading through the network. It is very likely to be infected with MAC virus, causing images in MAC to be lost. In PC, data recovery software can easily recover those lost images. But it is not that easy in MAC.

As we all know, MAC OS is developed exclusively by Apple Inc., so many pieces of software are not compatible with MAC OS, including the majority of data recovery software. MAC users have to spend much time on searching suitable MAC data recovery software on the Internet. I have experienced such a thing not too long ago. I spent much time on searching for a data recovery software that is compatible with MAC OS to recover lost images.

I am a photography enthusiast. For better management of my works, I usually save my photos to my Mac. Unexpectedly, this habit becomes the hidden danger of data loss. That day, I was using Mac to surf the Internet. Suddenly, a strange website came out. The built-in anti-virus software didn’t show anything unusual. But a few minutes later, I found the partition saving all my photos was lost. Those are all my works! I realized my Mac was infected with virus.

But why didn’t the anti-virus software show me anything wrong? I started looking for answers from the Internet. After searching, I knew the Mac was infected with virus called “Flashback.C”, causing anti-virus software to stop working. I rebooted the anti-virus software. After updating, it cleared several viruses. However, even though viruses were killed, my lost partition was not recovered. Then I spent some time on searching for a suitable MAC data recovery software on the Internet.

I inputted “data recovery software” in the search engine, and then multiple websites of data recovery software came out. I clicked on the first few pieces of data recovery software in the ranking and downloaded them to my Mac. The result turned out to be that none of them were compatible with MAC OS. It was rather frustrating.

When I was trying to close those websites, an “Apple” mark in one website named MiniTool Power Data Recovery attracted my attention. It was curious. I thought it was not compatible with MAC OS. I clicked on it and found another piece of data recovery software named MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. It was said that it can run in MAC OS.

I quickly downloaded it to my Mac. Finally, it not only was compatible with Mac computer, but also had very powerful data recovery functions that helped me recover all my lost images. I was more than satisfied. As a beneficiary of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, I want to recommend it for you if you are also suffering from the MAC data recovery software shortage.