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For useless but important data that we don’t want others to get, the most common method to destroy is deletion. However, this operation is very dangerous. You should know that according to computer storage principle in Windows, file storage is divided into two parts: file head and data area. After deletion, the only change of one file is the front two codes of file head, reflecting in FAT so that system takes this file as deleted. The file cluster number is cleared in FAT so the space is released. When we write new data to that location, we will overwrite the deleted data. This is general Windows deletion principle. Hence, after we delete one file, it is actually still in data area. That’s why data recovery gets to be easy. Relying on data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery, we can realize data recovery easily. Then how can we thoroughly destroy data in disk?

Let’s check on some spreading methods to destroy data:

  1. As disk is magnetic storage medium, we can demagnetize it to make all data saved in it be gone. The principle is simple: using a high magnetic field to forcibly reverse direction of magnetocrystalline granules so that all data will turn to be 0. Even this is a good way to destroy data, but the disk after demagnetization can’t be used anymore.
  2. Damage disk physically. This method will absolutely destroy data but it is troublesome as well as leads to a result that disk is no longer useful
  3. Once in a movie, some people have mentioned a way to clear data – put disk into microwave oven. In fact, this method would not clear data but maybe will damage microwave or disk. It is disk plate that saves data in disk and the surface of disk is metal shell. If we put disk into microwave oven, metal shell will reflex microwave and it will form electronic “high frequency short circuit”, causing high temperature of electronic valve anode that launches microwave, burning to be damaged. Of course, during the process, circuit board of disk will also be terribly damaged. But disk plate isn’t always damaged. Therefore, this method is unpractical. We probably will watch a firework show in microwave and get damaged microwave as well as damaged disk with data still in i
  4. The most common and practical method: using wipe data function of partition magic – MiniTool Partition Wizard to wipe data in disk. Wiping for only one or two times is not secure enough as well. According to United States Department of Defense standard, seven-time’s repeatedly wiping will definitely ensure data security. MiniTool Partition Wizard also provides users with this function to wipe disk for seven times. What’s more, after wiping, disk is still useful.

Through comparison with all these four methods, the last one is the most practical one. Hence, if you are trying to clear certain important data, try to wipe it.