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What is white war in MAC? Actually, it is the war between MAC users and hackers. This war is familiar to Windows users. As Windows operating systems hold the highest market share, they have become the main goal of most hackers. Therefore, Windows users are in the white war to fight for data security.

However, cheaters online have more goals than hackers. They attack the whole computer user group instead of only Windows user group, including the growing MAC user group. At present, Intego Company for MAC platform has exposed a new deceitful trick on the Internet. Some cheaters send e-mails pretending to be Apple official news to Apple ID users, saying that payment information needs upgrading. So some users will visit the fake Apple Store webpage, and offer identity information. Then cheaters will steal users’ account money. According to F-Secure, these cheaters will obtain a rather large amount of money. About 10 million dollars will be stolen by them in online shopping season.

What’s more, with the growing number of MAC users, MAC is occupying more and more market share, and attracts more and more hackers. MAC OS X has become another goal besides Windows operating systems. Maybe it is the start of white war in MAC.

In fact, when hackers are attacking MAC, the ways they employ are almost the same as the ones in attacking Windows. Malicious programs such as virus and Trojan are main methods. They steal or damage important data in MAC so that important data will be lost or secret information will leak. Since the methods hackers employ are all the same, can we defend with Windows experience?

The answer to this question is known by most MAC users, and they have already tried this. That’s right. Windows experience is available for MAC users. As we have more and more choices of MAC data security software, there have emerged some kinds of security software protecting MAC data security as protecting Windows data security, such as Kaspersky MAC anti-virus software and data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery that restores lost MAC data. With MAC built-in data backup utility – Time Machine, we can build a set of perfect data security protection solution as Windows has. Thus we can greatly prevent damage from computer virus to MAC and improve important data security.

As to online deceitful trick, we can only rely on ourselves when using MAC. For better data security in MAC, we should be very careful in operation. If encountering data loss, we can rely on data recovery program to recover lost data in time so that we can reduce the losses greatly. I hope we all will become the winner of this white war.