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A few days ago, I met a friend. He told me his computer was infected with virus as a result of U disk virus. All his data in U disk were lost, and computer couldn’t be started.

I went to his home and checked his computer, finding that operating system of his computer couldn’t be successfully guided, and the screen displayed that operating system couldn’t be started. I thought it was because virus had damaged the important start file and system file so that operating system couldn’t be normally started. I told my friend about this. He asked me some strange questions, “Can we prevent virus by prohibiting U disk automatic start? I have already prohibited U disk automatic start, and why my computer is still infected with virus?” I felt strange. How could he have such a stupid thought? If things are so simple, data disasters caused by virus spreading through U disk will not be so many every year.

He just asked me to fix his computer. So I asked him that if there were any important data in his computer. Making sure there were no important data in system partition, I reinstalled the operating system. Then I downloaded an anti-virus software to kill the virus successfully. According to his requirement, I recovered lost data from U disk with the data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. When I was about to leave, he showed me an article about anti-virus. He said it was this article that told him to prohibit U disk automatic start so that he could prevent virus.

After reading that article, I explained to him patiently. Actually, U disk viruses have many types, including some that spread while U disk is started. When encountering this kind of virus, we can prohibit U disk automatic start and scan virus before starting it. This solution can help us prevent virus to some extent. But if you don’t scan U disk after prohibiting U disk automatic start, your computer will still be infected with virus. Prohibiting U disk automatic start is only the first step of preventing virus infection.

Moreover, anti-virus software can only prevent known computer viruses. As to unknown computer viruses or variation of known virus, anti-virus software is still helpless. Therefore, data loss caused by virus attack is very common. I introduced a piece of data recovery program that restores lost data from U disk to him at last. When data loss happens, he can perform data recovery by himself in the future.

Though this thing has already passed, from the replies of that article I have known there are many other users like my friend who have wrong understanding about anti-virus work. Here let my experience help you when necessary. I hope you will know U disk virus better. It can’t be prevented by only prohibiting U disk automatic start. You can search on the Internet for professional technology and skill so that you can do better anti-virus work.