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On Macworld|iWord exhibition on January 26, 2012, Autodesk displayed its new product for Mac – Autodesk Inventor Fusion. This software is a piece of 3D mechanical design software, with which the designer can free explore complex shape and form while the design process of basic parameter is kept. It can easier open and edit 3D model form any resource as well as add your design to it while providing unlimited fast design change. Autodesk announced on the exhibition that they would soon launch the first version for Mac.

“Compared with Windows, Mac has lost advantages in graphics processing and drawing aspects.” Some people said so. However, companies such as Autodesk and Adobe still devote to development of various kinds of graphics processing and drawing software for Mac platform. We can find from this point that no matter how powerful Windows products are, they can’t replace Mac’s deep influence in graphic image field. Since current computer hardware doesn’t display obvious difference between higher configuration and lower configuration, computer system experience is the emphasis pursued by every IT giant. Undoubtedly, Mac is more excellent than Windows in system experience. Windows seldom gain success in system experience, especially Windows Vista which can be described as failure. In Mac, we can find Apple always pursue perfect state, especially the extremely excellent user experience. Every time when Mac updates operating system, it is highly praised. Besides, its concise, generous and elegant temperament is favored by business person and designer. So, Mac still holds its position in design industry.

However, although Mac occupies large shares in graphic image industry, the Mac data security problem few people value appeared. As various kinds of Mac viruses appear and Mac users always ignore data security, users always encounter Mac data loss. At this time, the disadvantages of Mac software are also exposed. In Windows, we can use data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery and EasyRecovery to solve data loss. But for Mac, we can hardly find the suitable data recovery software. Two factors may limit Mac data recovery software: first one, the Mac market share. Compared with Windows which occupies more than 90% market share, Mac can be said to have no advantage in market competitiveness. Therefore, considering profit, software developers choose Windows platform but not Mac; Second one, the special Mac file system. Because Mac generally use HFS+ file system which is more complicated than FAT 32 and NTFS and has more difficult data recovery, lots of software developers are unable to produce qualified data recovery software. It naturally causes the lack of Mac data recovery software.

Now that Mac is always used in graphic image, and files in this form generally have great meaning and value, how can we recover them when they are lost? After searching for a long time, I finally find a piece of professional Mac data recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. This software can support Mac data recovery in Mac’s HFS+ file system.

However, any data recovery software can’t ensure 100% data recovery success rate because data recovery is just remedial measure after data loss. In daily Mac use, we must pay attention to Mac data security to avoid unnecessary trouble.