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Data loss problem has become the current enterprises’ constant nightmare. More and more hardware failures and non-physical failures can cause enterprise data to be lost, such as storage medium damage and accidental artificial operations. Facing these increasingly serious problems, if the enterprise security administrator wants to solve data loss problems and provides safe and reliable data protection platform, he must do the following things: 

1. Value data backup and prevent data loss: In the informationized management of SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), users are likely to equate copying data and backing up data. But in fact, there are great essential differences between them. Data backup is not just copying data, but includes backup management and various follow-up data security work. Therefore, every enterprise should value backup problems, and regularly uses backup tools such as BackBone and NetVault to back up important data for enterprise. By this way, we can fast use backup data to recover lost data.  

2. Improve emergency recovery ability to build the last line of defense: as one of the data recovery security methods, the appearance and development of data recovery technology is closely related with constant artificial data security damage (such as accidental operations, hacker attacks and virus attacks) and enterprise data disaster events caused by natural disaster. But unfortunately, many SMEs know little about this technology, and they think such a kind of serious data security disasters only occur in large enterprises. They hardly realize the fact that data security problems has become very common along with the data loss events caused by natural disasters and artificial attacks in recent years. Therefore, before various unpredictable data loss events happen, we should make a preparation for such a kind of situation – install data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery on computer in advance. By this way, we can fast recover the lost data when encountering important data loss problems, decreasing the losses due to long-time data loss.   

3. Enhance employees’ data security awareness: In previous multiple data loss events, although there were so many data loss problems caused by various natural disasters and artificial malicious damage, related data shows that more than 80 % data loss events are caused by the enterprises insiders’ carelessness or intentional confidential data leak. So it is very important to prevent insiders from leaking data. But compared with solving technical problems, it is more difficult to solve this kind of problem. Enterprises should enhance management and develop employees’ data security awareness to decrease the problems that insiders unintentionally leak enterprises’ confidential files.  

These three things are necessary for enterprises security administrator to provide safe and reliable protection platform. I believe you can see from the three points above that they are the methods combining prevention and treatment. Therefore, as long as you do what I say to enhance prevention and use data recovery software to fast recover lost data when encountering data loss, you can eventually solve the problem of data loss.