Mobile hard disk is familiar to us, and as it is a kind of widely-used mobile storage device at present, it is mainly used to exchange a mass of data between computers. The appearance and structure of mobile hard disk is very similar with common computer hard disk. Because it is mini and portable, it is widely used to store much important and frequently-used data. It facilitates us using the important data in different places and computers. However, as users who usually use mobile hard disk know it also kills important data while it facilitates storing data. 

When using mobile hard disk, since we usually connect mobile hard disk to different computers to exchange important data, the mobile hard disk is very likely to be infected by computer virus and becomes the place where computer virus spreads and breeds. As everybody knows, it is quite an awful thing that the storage device with important data is infected by computer virus. Since the awful computer virus may delete your data, format hard disk, damage hard disk data structure, and finally cause important data loss in mobile hard disk, which brings you great troubles and losses.

Seeing here, many computer users may be doubtful: there is lots of excellent anti-virus software, so why can’t we prevent computer and mobile hard disk from being infected by virus through installing the anti-virus software on computer? Here I have to admit this is a good idea, but from plenty of important data loss events in mobile hard disk, we can find the fact is not so simple. Since we can’t make sure that every computer connected by the mobile hard disk has very excellent anti-virus software, and the anti-virus software is not omnipotent (it just can prevent the vast majority of known computer virus but can’t prevent the unknown computer virus and variants). Therefore, using anti-virus software to prevent mobile hard disk virus infection is not as perfect as our imagination. So is there some useful anti-virus method?       

In fact, we have used all available computer anti-virus methods according to current technology level, but we fail to find a method which can totally ensure the important data security of our mobile hard disk. “Now that we can’t ensure the important data security in mobile hard disk, can we timely recover the lost important data after data loss occurs?” many users may raise this question. After my long-time searching and testing, I find lots of data recovery software can help us undelete data in mobile hard disk. However, if the important data is lost due to the situations where virus attacks cause data formatting or data structure damage, we can only use the full-featured professional data recovery software, like MiniTool Power Data Recovery.     

When speaking of important data loss caused by computer virus attacks in mobile hard disk, most users will firstly think of anti-virus software. But from the content above, we can know that it is not a perfect method for keeping the all-pervasive computer virus away. To ensure data in your mobile hard disk does not get lost, you need a necessary assistant – a piece of excellent full-featured professional data recovery software. With it, you can deal with the trouble well through data recovery when encountering important data loss in mobile hard disk, and avoid important data loss after busyness.