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Since the release of Windows 8 preview edition, I believe much many users have concentrated on this newly released Windows operating system. But for old Windows users like me, Windows 8 makes us anxious when bringing limited expectation, especially for Windows 8 data security. Although the security of Windows 8 will be improved to a certain extent compared with popular Windows 7, it is not absolutely safe, for Microsoft always does not fully considerate details of safety. So, Windows 8 users are likely to be troubled by Windows 8 data security. 

From the preview edition, we can see Microsoft has adjusted security measures for Windows 8. Applications marketplace is introduced to Windows 8 for the first time. At the same time, Windows Defender has been improved. All these prove Microsoft has paid attention to Windows security. However, does it mean Windows 8 is an absolutely safe operating system?

Undoubtedly, the applications marketplace which is similar to Mac app store can promote Windows 8 security to a large extent since applications downloaded from applications marketplace have certain security, thus preventing malicious programs from damaging operating system and data caused. However, the security of applications is determined by Microsoft’s monitoring. Once Microsoft relaxes vigilance, a large number of security threats may emerge. Since we are used to not doubting the security of program downloaded from applications marketplace, an unblocked way is open for malicious programs.

Besides, although Windows Defender is able to prevent known malicious programs by making use of features of malicious programs in MalwareProtectionCenter, it is not perfect. If we encounter unknown virus or virus variant, Windows Defender does not work, too. Therefore, Windows Defender is not enough to ensure Windows data security.

Maybe, the biggest light spot brought by Windows 8 is tablet PC. However, tablet PC is still in security dead zone, for previous tablet PC does not have a relatively perfect security defense measure. However, with the increase of mobile terminal users, network hackers have changed their attention to mobile terminal users. So, the issue we care about most is the security of tablet PC. Can Windows 8 change this situation? Can Microsoft apply unceasingly improved security defense measures to tablet PC completely? Do we need to recover lost important data in Windows 8 by using the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery like in Windows 7? Time can prove everything.

Actually, no matter how much is Windows 8 security improved, this operating system is not absolutely safe. In order to make Windows 8 users get rid of Windows security threats, Microsoft has been making great efforts, so we future Windows 8 users should not be at a loose end. It is quite important to improve the security for PC or mobile terminal device. We do not expect Windows 8 absolutely safe, but we should try our best to improve data security. How to realize this goal is the very problem we should think of.