With the growing influence of MAC, hackers have never stopped attacking MAC. MAC users are bearing the pressure from hacker attack and start paying more attention to security defense for example firewall and anti-virus software, etc. However, these measures are so weak to defend some new viruses. Not a few hackers are using operating system or application leaks to write corresponding computer virus. These leaks are very easy to be attacked and significant information on the MAC will be stolen.

It is reported that at present, network hackers are raising new attack aiming at MAC. Some security experts have found that there is a new type attack based on email. Network hackers use Microsoft Office leak to install remote control Trojan horse on MAC to attack MAC remotely. This attack is said to spread wildly. Many MAC users who have not updated Office in time will be attacked more easily. Once hackers have succeeded, they would be able to control malicious software to download, upload, and delete significant files, or open remote Shell, bring much trouble to users.

Facing the potential dangers, it is suggested to update software in time, especially common ones. And we should keep firewall and anti-virus software operating all the time. With these security measures, we can reduce the chance of being attacked by computer virus or hacker to a great extent.

If we have already been attacked by virus and lost much data, we don’t need to be panic because we still have some solutions to this problem. Lost data caused by virus or hacker attack actually can be easily recovered. As long as we employ a suitable MAC data recovery software, we can recover lost significant data in time. Of course, if we don’t know about the cause of data loss in MAC, we can also use MAC data recovery software just like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to perform MAC data recovery.

To sum up, facing the more and more dangerous network situation, we should avoid data loss as possible as we can. Then how to form a strong security protection defense line is very important. This line should include firewall, anti-virus software, and data backup. Besides, professional data recovery software is rather significant when data loss happens so that we can reduce the loss to minimum.