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In daily Server computer use, users sometimes meet these problems:

  • Data storage failure.
  • Slow Server operating speed.
  • Server system crash.

These situations bring users with lots of unnecessary troubles. In fact, they result from unreasonable Server partition capacity. To avoid encountering these problems and keep computer in good condition, users should optimize the partition space distribution by timely resizing Server partitions.

Adopt professional Server partition magic to resize Server partitions

Unfortunately, the tool provided by Windows Server operating systems is not powerful enough to resize Server partitions easily and safely. Particularly under Windows Server 2003, the built-in disk management tool lacks of functions, so users even have to resize Server partitions by deleting the partition and then recreating new ideal partition. Such kinds of operations are really troublesome and risky. New Server operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 have Extend Volume and Compress Volume, but the limitation of them also disable users to free resize Server partition. Therefore, many users adopt professional Server partition resizer, and free resize Sever partition with its free and powerful functions.

Free resize Server partitions

To free resize Server partitions, start the professional Server partition resizer on computer to see this interface. 


Here, choose the Server partition to resize and click “Move/Resize”. 



Resize Server partitions by dragging the partition handle border or directly entering corresponding value. After that, click “OK” to return to the main interface. 


If the preview effect shown above is desired, please click “Apply”. Wait until all operations are completed, users also successfully resize Server partitions with this professional Server partition resizer. 

If users also want to free and safely resize Server partitions with this professional Server partition resizer. Please download it via http://www.partitionwizard.com/ as well as learn more details and operating demos! This Server partition resizer is really worth owning!