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As we know, MBR is short for Main Boot Record and located in the first sector. It is in charge of verifying validity of partition and fixing partition boot information when disk operating system is reading hard disk. After finishing boot and self-verification, computer will scan MBR sector and read boot code, and then give boot authorization. Therefore, later booting operations can not continue if there is something wrong with MBR.

Nowadays, there are many factors threatening MBR security, like malicious deletion and mistaken operation. When MBR is damaged, partition loss may emerge. More seriously, operating system can not start, bringing much trouble. If users want to get rid of trouble, they should rebuild MBR in Windows as soon as possible. If users resort to Windows built-in tools, rebuilding MBR will become quite difficult and dangerous. So, more and more users are looking for an easier and safer way to rebuild MBR in Windows. Here, we suggest rebuilding MBR with partition magic, because professional partition magic simplifies operations and enhances data security.

However, users can not select partition magic optionally, because most partition magic has serious defects. And users had better download partition magic from professional downloading website like http://www.partitionwizard.com/ . Next, let’s rebuild MBR in Windows by using the partition magic downloaded from this website.

Rebuild MBR in Windows

At first, please run this partition magic to open its main interface, like the following interface shows:


In action panel, we can see corresponding disk management functions, like align all partitions, rebuild MBR, delete all partitions, and wipe disk. Since we need to rebuild MBR in Windows, we should select the function “Rebuild MBR”. Then, the following interface will appear:


Here, we can see the original grey button “Apply” is activated. Now, as long as we click this button to apply changes to computer, we can rebuild MBR in Windows successfully. Operations are so simple, right?

If you are being troubled by MBR damage, download the partition magic to rebuild MBR in Windows.