Nowadays, problems of Windows server partition are easier to emerge. As a result, Windows users are often troubled by Windows server partition management though server built-in disk management tool can help users solve some basic server partition management problems. If users want to make server partition management perfect, they need to download a piece of Windows server partition software. However, most partition software can not be compatible with Windows Server operating system, so users have big difficulties in finding Windows server partition software. In order to help these users find desired software easily, we recommend a professional downloading website http://www.partitionwizard.com. Windows server partition software downloaded from this website perfectly supports all mainstream Windows Server operating systems as well as file systems. Furthermore, it owns extremely high security, so it can ensure data security to the largest extent.

Functions of the Windows server partition software

The Windows server partition software not only has all-sided server partition management functions but supports disk management and dynamic disk management.

Server partition management functions: move/resize partition, merge partitions, split partition, copy partition, wipe partition, recover deleted/lost partition, and convert file system.

Disk management functions: Copy disk, wipe disk, delete all partitions, rebuild MBR, and align all partitions.

Dynamic disk management functions: move/resize volume, copy volume, extend volume, wipe volume, change volume cluster size, and convert file system.

Seeing these functions, users should believe the Windows server partition software can help users accomplish perfect server partition management.

Next, let’s see how to operate this Windows server partition software.

After downloading and installing the Windows server partition software to computer, we can see its main interface:


To manage disk, we only need to select target disk and click corresponding function. To manage partition, just select or right click destination partition and click desired function from action panel or popup menu. To manage dynamic disk, please select target dynamic disk and choose suitable function. To perform volume management, choose target volume and select needed function. Detailed prompts are given in every interface, so users can operate the Windows server partition software reliably and easily.