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Converting FAT32 to NTFS with professional server partition software


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Windows Server 2003 has many deficiencies. Its disk management tool has a few functions which are only able to carry out some basic partition management operations like deleting partition, formatting partition and changing drive letter, but some advanced operations like resizing partition, merging partitions, changing cluster size and wiping partition can not be accomplished, which are also common in the process of using Windows Server 2003. Therefore, if users want to realize comprehensive partition management on Windows Server 2003, professional server partition software should be used. And users can download a piece from  The server partition software is of many partition management functions. Users can use it to merge partitions, convert FAT 32 to NTFS, extend partition, move/resize partition, split partition, align partition, etc.

Converting FAT32 to NTFS with the server partition software

After installing the server partition software, launch it and we’ll see its main interface, as follows.


Many partition management functions are shown under “Operations” column. Select Partition F: and click “Convert FAT to NTFS” function. The following interface will appear.


Click “Start” button. The conversion will begin.

After the conversion is accomplished, please click “Close” to go back to the main interface, as follows.


We can see Partition F: has been converted into NTFS successfully. And in the process, partition data will not be influenced, so users can use this server partition software to convert FAT32 to NTFS trustingly.

Some users may say that we can also convert FAT32 to NTFS by formatting partition. That’s true. But this is only suitable for the situation where there is no important data stored in the partition. If there are some important data, this method is not recommended because formatting partition will cause data loss problems. So the professional server partition software is recommended to users.

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Use MiniTool Power Data Recovery to recover accidentally deleted files

If you have already emptied the recycle bin by clicking “Empty Recycle Bin” option , how can you recover the important deleted files back?  Under such a situation, We can only ask professional data recovery software for help. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a nice choice. 

At first, you need to visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for free:, and install it to your computer:

In the main interface, click “Undelete Recovery” functional module that is designed for recovering deleted files.

Select the partition where deleted files were, and click “Recover” button to start scanning the partition.

In the list of this interface, files marked with red crosses are the deleted files. Find the ones you would like to recover, and then click “Save Files” button to save recovered files to a safe location. At last, all recovery work is successfully finished.

At the same time, you should never save recovered files to the original partition, avoiding data overwriting. Besides, when data loss occurs, stop writing new data to the partition. Thus we can keep the data completeness to the largest extent. 

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how to manage Windows Server 2003 partition well with good server partition software

Why choose Windows Server 2003 partition software to manage server partition?

At first, professional Windows Server 2003 partition software owns all-sided functions which can meet almost all demands for server partition management. Secondly, excellent Windows Server 2003 partition software is able to manage server partition without bringing any damage to data. Thirdly, operations are quite simple, and no professional knowledge is needed. At last, it can be compatible with all commonly seen Windows operating systems and Windows file systems.

Next, let’s see how this server partition software helps extend partition easily and safely.

Extend partition of Windows Server 2003 by using server partition software

Step 1: Download and install the server partition software to computer.

Step 2: Run software to open its main interface.

Step 3: Select the partition needing to be extended and click “Extend Partition” button to extend partition of Windows Server 2003.

Step 4: Select a partition or unallocated space to take free space and drag adjusting button to determine how much free space to take. Then, click “OK” button to go back to main interface.

Step 5: Click “Apply” button to apply extension to computer.

Now, we use the server partition software to extend partition of Windows Server 2003 successfully. No data backup, no partition deletion, no partition creation, and no data transmission. Operations are so simple, aren’t they? What are you waiting for? Hurry to download the server partition software to help you realize perfect Windows Server 2003 partition management.

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Server managers need to download Windows server partition software for server computer


Nowadays, problems of Windows server partition are easier to emerge. As a result, Windows users are often troubled by Windows server partition management though server built-in disk management tool can help users solve some basic server partition management problems. If users want to make server partition management perfect, they need to download a piece of Windows server partition software. However, most partition software can not be compatible with Windows Server operating system, so users have big difficulties in finding Windows server partition software. In order to help these users find desired software easily, we recommend a professional downloading website Windows server partition software downloaded from this website perfectly supports all mainstream Windows Server operating systems as well as file systems. Furthermore, it owns extremely high security, so it can ensure data security to the largest extent.

Functions of the Windows server partition software

The Windows server partition software not only has all-sided server partition management functions but supports disk management and dynamic disk management.

Server partition management functions: move/resize partition, merge partitions, split partition, copy partition, wipe partition, recover deleted/lost partition, and convert file system.

Disk management functions: Copy disk, wipe disk, delete all partitions, rebuild MBR, and align all partitions.

Dynamic disk management functions: move/resize volume, copy volume, extend volume, wipe volume, change volume cluster size, and convert file system.

Seeing these functions, users should believe the Windows server partition software can help users accomplish perfect server partition management.

Next, let’s see how to operate this Windows server partition software.

After downloading and installing the Windows server partition software to computer, we can see its main interface:


To manage disk, we only need to select target disk and click corresponding function. To manage partition, just select or right click destination partition and click desired function from action panel or popup menu. To manage dynamic disk, please select target dynamic disk and choose suitable function. To perform volume management, choose target volume and select needed function. Detailed prompts are given in every interface, so users can operate the Windows server partition software reliably and easily. 

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Splitting partition on Windows 7 can be realized in two ways


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Splitting partition is to divide a large partition into two smaller ones. If users want to split partition on Windows 7, the free partition magic downloaded from  can be used. We will show detailed procedures.

After installing the free partition magic, launch it. Users will see the following interface.


Select the partition that will be split and right click mouse. Then click “Split” function in the menu popping up. The following interface will be shown.


In this interface, please drag the middle button to resize the two partitions, or users can also input exact values in the textboxes below to resize partitions. After that, please click “OK” to go back to the main interface.


Check the result. If it is desired, please click “Apply” to execute the operation, finishing splitting partition on Windows 7.

Splitting partition on Windows 7 with disk management tool

Since Windows 7 disk management tool is able to shrink partition and create partition, we can also realize splitting partition with the two functions. Detailed procedures are shown below.

  1. Launch disk management tool (Select computer icon and right click mouse; then click “Manage” -> “Disk Management”).
  2. Select the large partition that will be split and right click mouse.
  3. Click “Shrink Volume” function to get free space.
  4. Create a new partition with the unallocated space.


The above demonstrates another method for splitting partition on Windows 7.



Users can choose a more suitable method for splitting partition on Windows 7 according to practical situations. But if users want to perform comprehensive partition management on Windows 7, the free partition magic is recommended because it also can format partition, delete partition, move/resize partition, extend partition, split partition, copy partition, align partition, and so on. For more information, please visit other pages on this website.

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Hard disk recovery for Windows 8 can become quite simple

Like other Windows users, Windows 8 users also meet hard disk data loss frequently. Currently, virus and other malicious applications which can attack Windows 8 have emerged. Though Windows 8 enhances data protecting, it still can not prevent virus infection, hacker invasion, and other malicious applications’ attack completely. In addition, mistaken operation also can not be avoided thoroughly. Therefore, hard disk data loss is commonly seen in Windows 8. Of course, hard disk recovery for Windows 8 is undoubtedly the best solution to reducing losses resulting from data loss. However, as Windows 8 is a brand new Windows operating system, much hard disk recovery software does not support it. So, it is not easy to find a piece of Windows 8 hard disk recovery software, let alone excellent Windows 8 hard disk recovery software. But now, we bring a piece of good news that hard disk recovery software downloaded from can accomplish hard disk recovery for Windows 8 perfectly. In addition to hard disk recovery, it also supports data recovery from mainstream external storage devices in commonly seen Windows operating systems. Furthermore, operations are so simple that users knowing nothing about hard disk recovery can recover hard disk data in Windows 8 successfully. If users are doubtful about operability of the Windows 8 hard disk recovery software, please look at the following introduction.

Perform hard disk recovery for Windows 8 by using hard disk recovery software

Detailed steps to recover hard disk data in Windows 8 are shown below:

  1. Download the Windows 8 hard disk recovery software to computer.
  2. Install it to the partition where hard disk recovery for Windows 8 will not be performed.
  3. Launch software to get its main interface:


  1. Select the most suitable module from the 5 hard disk recovery modules (detailed functional information will appear below after users move cursor to one module).
  2. Take operations according to operating prompts (there is no need to worry about operations because detailed prompts are given in every step).

As long as users perform hard disk recovery for Windows 8 according to prompts, they can recover hard disk data quite easily and securely. For more information about the Windows 8 hard disk recovery software, users can visit its official website. 

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When MBR is damaged, you should rebuild MBR in Windows as soon as possible


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As we know, MBR is short for Main Boot Record and located in the first sector. It is in charge of verifying validity of partition and fixing partition boot information when disk operating system is reading hard disk. After finishing boot and self-verification, computer will scan MBR sector and read boot code, and then give boot authorization. Therefore, later booting operations can not continue if there is something wrong with MBR.

Nowadays, there are many factors threatening MBR security, like malicious deletion and mistaken operation. When MBR is damaged, partition loss may emerge. More seriously, operating system can not start, bringing much trouble. If users want to get rid of trouble, they should rebuild MBR in Windows as soon as possible. If users resort to Windows built-in tools, rebuilding MBR will become quite difficult and dangerous. So, more and more users are looking for an easier and safer way to rebuild MBR in Windows. Here, we suggest rebuilding MBR with partition magic, because professional partition magic simplifies operations and enhances data security.

However, users can not select partition magic optionally, because most partition magic has serious defects. And users had better download partition magic from professional downloading website like . Next, let’s rebuild MBR in Windows by using the partition magic downloaded from this website.

Rebuild MBR in Windows

At first, please run this partition magic to open its main interface, like the following interface shows:


In action panel, we can see corresponding disk management functions, like align all partitions, rebuild MBR, delete all partitions, and wipe disk. Since we need to rebuild MBR in Windows, we should select the function “Rebuild MBR”. Then, the following interface will appear:


Here, we can see the original grey button “Apply” is activated. Now, as long as we click this button to apply changes to computer, we can rebuild MBR in Windows successfully. Operations are so simple, right?

If you are being troubled by MBR damage, download the partition magic to rebuild MBR in Windows. 

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In Windows XP, you can create partition without data loss even if there is no unallocated space on hard disk.


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In the process of data storage, Windows XP users often need to create new partition to store another kind of data. Since system built-in disk management tool owns the function of creating partition, many users try to create partition by using this tool. When there is unallocated space on hard disk, this tool indeed can help users create partition without data loss and in few steps. However, if there is no unallocated space, this function will not work. Under this situation, if users insist on creating partition with this tool, they have to delete partition and recreate partitions, suffering data loss. Well then, is there a good method which can help create partition without data loss? Of course, there is. As long as users own a piece of professional partition magic, creating partition will become extremely simple and safe.

Which partition magic to choose?

On the software market, not any partition magic can help create partition without data loss, because some has defects in security. If we create partition with the partition magic which has security defects, data loss may emerge. Therefore, users should select the partition magic which has high security, good reliability, and powerful partition management competence. In this article, excellent partition magic which can be downloaded from is introduced.

Create partition without data loss by using professional partition magic

Before creating partition, we need to get unallocated space. The partition magic helps release unallocated space through shrinking partition, and then create partition with released unallocated space. Detailed steps are as follows:

Download and install the partition magic to computer, and then run it to open the main interface:


 Select the partition which has much unused space left and click “Move/Resize Partition” button to get the following interface:


Drag borders of partition handle towards middle to shrink partition, and then click “OK” button to go back to main interface:


  Now, we can see 2 unallocated spaces. Please select an unallocated space and click “Create Partition” button. Then, the following interface will appear:


After setting properties for new partition, we need to click “OK” button to go back to main interface:


Here, as long as we click “Apply” button to perform changes, we can successfully create partition without data loss.

If users need to create partition without data loss, this partition magic is a good choice.

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How to resize Server partitions without damaging data?


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In daily Server computer use, users sometimes meet these problems:

  • Data storage failure.
  • Slow Server operating speed.
  • Server system crash.

These situations bring users with lots of unnecessary troubles. In fact, they result from unreasonable Server partition capacity. To avoid encountering these problems and keep computer in good condition, users should optimize the partition space distribution by timely resizing Server partitions.

Adopt professional Server partition magic to resize Server partitions

Unfortunately, the tool provided by Windows Server operating systems is not powerful enough to resize Server partitions easily and safely. Particularly under Windows Server 2003, the built-in disk management tool lacks of functions, so users even have to resize Server partitions by deleting the partition and then recreating new ideal partition. Such kinds of operations are really troublesome and risky. New Server operating systems such as Windows Server 2008 have Extend Volume and Compress Volume, but the limitation of them also disable users to free resize Server partition. Therefore, many users adopt professional Server partition resizer, and free resize Sever partition with its free and powerful functions.

Free resize Server partitions

To free resize Server partitions, start the professional Server partition resizer on computer to see this interface. 


Here, choose the Server partition to resize and click “Move/Resize”. 



Resize Server partitions by dragging the partition handle border or directly entering corresponding value. After that, click “OK” to return to the main interface. 


If the preview effect shown above is desired, please click “Apply”. Wait until all operations are completed, users also successfully resize Server partitions with this professional Server partition resizer. 

If users also want to free and safely resize Server partitions with this professional Server partition resizer. Please download it via as well as learn more details and operating demos! This Server partition resizer is really worth owning! 

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