How to shrink partition on Windows Server 2008?


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Perhaps disk management tool occurs to many users when they are about to shrink partition on Windows Server 2008. Compared with Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 is equipped with two functions to resize partition: “Shrink Volume” and “Extend Volume”. Users can select a partition, then right click mouse and then click “Shrink Volume” function to shrink partition. However, this function only operates on the tail end of a partition, which is limited.

Besides the built-in disk management tool, users can also use professional Windows partition magic server to shrink partition on Windows Server 2008. It can be downloaded from

How to shrink partition with the Windows partition magic?

Launching the professional partition magic, users will see the following interface.


We are going to shrink Partition G:. Select it and click “Move/Resize Partition” function. The following interface will be shown. 2


Please drag the two arrows towards the middle to shrink partition. Or we can also input exact values in the textboxes below to shrink partition. Then click “OK” to go back to the main interface.



We can see two unallocated spaces (marked with *) appear respectively in front of and behind Partition G:. Please click “Apply” to execute the operation.

Seen from the above demonstration, this Windows Server partition magic is able to function on both ends of a partition. And the unallocated spaces can be used to extend other partitions or create new partitions.

Users can also see Split Partition from the main interface. This function is different from shrinking partition. It can split a large partition into two smaller ones. We will show it to help users distinguish them. Take Partition G: for example.

Select Partition G: and click “Split Partition” function. Users will see the following interface.



Please drag the middle button to resize partitions (or we can also set partition size in the textboxes below). Then click “OK” to go back to the main interface. 5


Partition G: becomes smaller and a new partition appears behind it.

Through the above comparison, users may have known the differences between shrinking partition and splitting partition. There are also another two functions to resize partition: “Extend Partition” and “Merge Partition”. For more information about them, please visit the official website of this Windows partition magic.

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You can change server partition size without limitation


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Before the release of Windows Server 2008, it was reported that 2 new functions namely “Extend Volume” and “Shrink Volume” would be added to system built-in disk management tool. Hearing of this piece of news, many computer users mistakenly thought Microsoft had made a big breakthrough on partition management. However, after using this tool, users find these 2 functions do not have much meaning. If there is no unallocated space behind and adjacent to the partition we want to extend, the function “Extend Volume” is useless. Well then, how can users change server partition size perfectly? As a matter of fact, they only need to download a professional server partition magic. Excellent server partition magic allows users to change server partition size without limitation. However, it is not easy to download excellent server partition magic, because most of them have functional defects. If users are afraid of downloading inferior server partition magic, they can visit this professional downloading website  to download recommended server partition magic. It is absolutely excellent.

To help users get a further understanding of the server partition magic, we will make a demonstration in the following content.

Change server partition size with server partition magic

First of all, we need to visit this downloading website to download the server partition magic to computer, and then install it to partition. After installation, run software to open its main interface:


In the main interface, we can see disk distribution and partition distribution. There is unallocated space on hard disk but it is not located behind target partition namely partition E, so we can not extend partition by using system built-in disk management tool. To extend partition with this server partition magic, please select the partition which needs extending and click the functional button “Move/Resize” from toolbar. Then, we can see this interface:


In this interface, we can drag the left border of partition handle leftwards to extend partition, and then click “OK” button to go back to main interface:


At last, click “Apply” button to perform changes to computer.

After this operation, we extend partition with server partition magic successfully. If users want to change server partition size or perform other server partition management, choose this server partition magic. It is unquestionably the best choice for server partition management.

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How to recover deleted files?



Everybody knows that NTFS file system is better than FAT32 file system in Windows operating system, the most important point is that it has better security. But with the widely applying of NTFS file system, data loss  in NTFS file system are also can’t avoid, Most users choose to bear the losses of data loss in NTFS file system, because they don’t have any data recovery technique or data recovery experience.

In facet, we can recover lost data with 3rd party  data recovery software,  MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice, which helps computer users who have no data recovery experience or technique to recover deleted files in disk successfully.  Let me take a presentation of using “Undelete Recovery” functional module to show you how to recover deleted files with MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

How to recover deleted files?
At first, you need to visit the official website to download MiniTool Power Data Recovery for free:, and install it to your computer:

In its main interface, we can approximately see the five functional modules of MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It contains five data recovery modules – Undelete Recovery, Damaged

Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, CD & DVD Recovery. Each data recovery module focuses on different data loss scenario. 

Here, click “Undelete Recovery” functional module to enter the following interface:Image

Select the partition where deleted files were, and click “Recover” button to start scanning the partition.

In this interface, select the files to be recovered, and click “Save Files” button to set save path for recovered files. At last, we can recover deleted files with such simple operations successfully.

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Take measures, or your privacy will be leaked.


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In today’s world where computer technology and network technology are developing rapidly, data information has become a main medium for our daily communication and work. Through computer and network, we can accomplish many tasks which can not be realized manually. However, the network also brings us much trouble, and virus is one of main issues.

Since we always store many important private data on computer, privacy security arouses our attention. Nevertheless, no matter how cautious we are, we always feel incompetent when facing virus which is difficult to prevent and spreads pretty quickly. As a result, important data loss happens frequently around the world. As we know, virus attack may cause important data lost, thus bringing us unexpected losses. So, aiming at this situation, professional data recovery software emerges, which builds the last safety shield for our important data. When important data are lost due to virus attack or personal mistaken operation or other soft faults, professional data recovery software can help us recover lost data. However, if we adopt this method, our privacy is at great risk.

Previously, as long as we delete useless private data, we can ensure privacy security. However, as virus is overflowing, this method is unable to prevent our private data from being leaked. Currently, computer viruses target not only on damaging important data but on copying information from hard drive or partition, and then transfer backup information to virus developers through the network whose transmission speed is improving unceasingly. Then, privacy leakage happens. In order to seek exorbitant profits or achieve certain aim, these hackers can recover deleted data completely by using professional data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Thus it can be seen, professional data recovery software threatens privacy security when building the last safety shield for data. Well, how can we ensure privacy security when professional data recovery software is overflowing.

Firstly, protecting important data by using excellent antivirus software is indispensable. Since current antivirus software can only defense known viruses, we should update antivirus software and operating system in time. Secondly, we should thoroughly wipe needless private data by using professional hard drive wipe software. Then, privacy security can be ensured to a large extent. Besides, we can use professional data copy software and data recovery software to recover lost private data.

After seeing the above content, do you think you have made good privacy protecting work? If you once suffered serious losses brought by privacy leakage, hurry to improve your privacy protection measures. Although we are unable to ensure private data absolutely safe, we can reduce privacy leakage to a large extent.

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Threats aiming at MAC



With the growing influence of MAC, hackers have never stopped attacking MAC. MAC users are bearing the pressure from hacker attack and start paying more attention to security defense for example firewall and anti-virus software, etc. However, these measures are so weak to defend some new viruses. Not a few hackers are using operating system or application leaks to write corresponding computer virus. These leaks are very easy to be attacked and significant information on the MAC will be stolen.

It is reported that at present, network hackers are raising new attack aiming at MAC. Some security experts have found that there is a new type attack based on email. Network hackers use Microsoft Office leak to install remote control Trojan horse on MAC to attack MAC remotely. This attack is said to spread wildly. Many MAC users who have not updated Office in time will be attacked more easily. Once hackers have succeeded, they would be able to control malicious software to download, upload, and delete significant files, or open remote Shell, bring much trouble to users.

Facing the potential dangers, it is suggested to update software in time, especially common ones. And we should keep firewall and anti-virus software operating all the time. With these security measures, we can reduce the chance of being attacked by computer virus or hacker to a great extent.

If we have already been attacked by virus and lost much data, we don’t need to be panic because we still have some solutions to this problem. Lost data caused by virus or hacker attack actually can be easily recovered. As long as we employ a suitable MAC data recovery software, we can recover lost significant data in time. Of course, if we don’t know about the cause of data loss in MAC, we can also use MAC data recovery software just like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to perform MAC data recovery.

To sum up, facing the more and more dangerous network situation, we should avoid data loss as possible as we can. Then how to form a strong security protection defense line is very important. This line should include firewall, anti-virus software, and data backup. Besides, professional data recovery software is rather significant when data loss happens so that we can reduce the loss to minimum.

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Is Windows 8 safe?


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Since the release of Windows 8 preview edition, I believe much many users have concentrated on this newly released Windows operating system. But for old Windows users like me, Windows 8 makes us anxious when bringing limited expectation, especially for Windows 8 data security. Although the security of Windows 8 will be improved to a certain extent compared with popular Windows 7, it is not absolutely safe, for Microsoft always does not fully considerate details of safety. So, Windows 8 users are likely to be troubled by Windows 8 data security. 

From the preview edition, we can see Microsoft has adjusted security measures for Windows 8. Applications marketplace is introduced to Windows 8 for the first time. At the same time, Windows Defender has been improved. All these prove Microsoft has paid attention to Windows security. However, does it mean Windows 8 is an absolutely safe operating system?

Undoubtedly, the applications marketplace which is similar to Mac app store can promote Windows 8 security to a large extent since applications downloaded from applications marketplace have certain security, thus preventing malicious programs from damaging operating system and data caused. However, the security of applications is determined by Microsoft’s monitoring. Once Microsoft relaxes vigilance, a large number of security threats may emerge. Since we are used to not doubting the security of program downloaded from applications marketplace, an unblocked way is open for malicious programs.

Besides, although Windows Defender is able to prevent known malicious programs by making use of features of malicious programs in MalwareProtectionCenter, it is not perfect. If we encounter unknown virus or virus variant, Windows Defender does not work, too. Therefore, Windows Defender is not enough to ensure Windows data security.

Maybe, the biggest light spot brought by Windows 8 is tablet PC. However, tablet PC is still in security dead zone, for previous tablet PC does not have a relatively perfect security defense measure. However, with the increase of mobile terminal users, network hackers have changed their attention to mobile terminal users. So, the issue we care about most is the security of tablet PC. Can Windows 8 change this situation? Can Microsoft apply unceasingly improved security defense measures to tablet PC completely? Do we need to recover lost important data in Windows 8 by using the data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery like in Windows 7? Time can prove everything.

Actually, no matter how much is Windows 8 security improved, this operating system is not absolutely safe. In order to make Windows 8 users get rid of Windows security threats, Microsoft has been making great efforts, so we future Windows 8 users should not be at a loose end. It is quite important to improve the security for PC or mobile terminal device. We do not expect Windows 8 absolutely safe, but we should try our best to improve data security. How to realize this goal is the very problem we should think of.

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A necessary assistant in mobile hard disk use process



Mobile hard disk is familiar to us, and as it is a kind of widely-used mobile storage device at present, it is mainly used to exchange a mass of data between computers. The appearance and structure of mobile hard disk is very similar with common computer hard disk. Because it is mini and portable, it is widely used to store much important and frequently-used data. It facilitates us using the important data in different places and computers. However, as users who usually use mobile hard disk know it also kills important data while it facilitates storing data. 

When using mobile hard disk, since we usually connect mobile hard disk to different computers to exchange important data, the mobile hard disk is very likely to be infected by computer virus and becomes the place where computer virus spreads and breeds. As everybody knows, it is quite an awful thing that the storage device with important data is infected by computer virus. Since the awful computer virus may delete your data, format hard disk, damage hard disk data structure, and finally cause important data loss in mobile hard disk, which brings you great troubles and losses.

Seeing here, many computer users may be doubtful: there is lots of excellent anti-virus software, so why can’t we prevent computer and mobile hard disk from being infected by virus through installing the anti-virus software on computer? Here I have to admit this is a good idea, but from plenty of important data loss events in mobile hard disk, we can find the fact is not so simple. Since we can’t make sure that every computer connected by the mobile hard disk has very excellent anti-virus software, and the anti-virus software is not omnipotent (it just can prevent the vast majority of known computer virus but can’t prevent the unknown computer virus and variants). Therefore, using anti-virus software to prevent mobile hard disk virus infection is not as perfect as our imagination. So is there some useful anti-virus method?       

In fact, we have used all available computer anti-virus methods according to current technology level, but we fail to find a method which can totally ensure the important data security of our mobile hard disk. “Now that we can’t ensure the important data security in mobile hard disk, can we timely recover the lost important data after data loss occurs?” many users may raise this question. After my long-time searching and testing, I find lots of data recovery software can help us undelete data in mobile hard disk. However, if the important data is lost due to the situations where virus attacks cause data formatting or data structure damage, we can only use the full-featured professional data recovery software, like MiniTool Power Data Recovery.     

When speaking of important data loss caused by computer virus attacks in mobile hard disk, most users will firstly think of anti-virus software. But from the content above, we can know that it is not a perfect method for keeping the all-pervasive computer virus away. To ensure data in your mobile hard disk does not get lost, you need a necessary assistant – a piece of excellent full-featured professional data recovery software. With it, you can deal with the trouble well through data recovery when encountering important data loss in mobile hard disk, and avoid important data loss after busyness.  

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Create security line of defense for enterprise data


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Data loss problem has become the current enterprises’ constant nightmare. More and more hardware failures and non-physical failures can cause enterprise data to be lost, such as storage medium damage and accidental artificial operations. Facing these increasingly serious problems, if the enterprise security administrator wants to solve data loss problems and provides safe and reliable data protection platform, he must do the following things: 

1. Value data backup and prevent data loss: In the informationized management of SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), users are likely to equate copying data and backing up data. But in fact, there are great essential differences between them. Data backup is not just copying data, but includes backup management and various follow-up data security work. Therefore, every enterprise should value backup problems, and regularly uses backup tools such as BackBone and NetVault to back up important data for enterprise. By this way, we can fast use backup data to recover lost data.  

2. Improve emergency recovery ability to build the last line of defense: as one of the data recovery security methods, the appearance and development of data recovery technology is closely related with constant artificial data security damage (such as accidental operations, hacker attacks and virus attacks) and enterprise data disaster events caused by natural disaster. But unfortunately, many SMEs know little about this technology, and they think such a kind of serious data security disasters only occur in large enterprises. They hardly realize the fact that data security problems has become very common along with the data loss events caused by natural disasters and artificial attacks in recent years. Therefore, before various unpredictable data loss events happen, we should make a preparation for such a kind of situation – install data recovery software like MiniTool Power Data Recovery on computer in advance. By this way, we can fast recover the lost data when encountering important data loss problems, decreasing the losses due to long-time data loss.   

3. Enhance employees’ data security awareness: In previous multiple data loss events, although there were so many data loss problems caused by various natural disasters and artificial malicious damage, related data shows that more than 80 % data loss events are caused by the enterprises insiders’ carelessness or intentional confidential data leak. So it is very important to prevent insiders from leaking data. But compared with solving technical problems, it is more difficult to solve this kind of problem. Enterprises should enhance management and develop employees’ data security awareness to decrease the problems that insiders unintentionally leak enterprises’ confidential files.  

These three things are necessary for enterprises security administrator to provide safe and reliable protection platform. I believe you can see from the three points above that they are the methods combining prevention and treatment. Therefore, as long as you do what I say to enhance prevention and use data recovery software to fast recover lost data when encountering data loss, you can eventually solve the problem of data loss.

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Mac, the permanent leader in graphic image field!


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On Macworld|iWord exhibition on January 26, 2012, Autodesk displayed its new product for Mac – Autodesk Inventor Fusion. This software is a piece of 3D mechanical design software, with which the designer can free explore complex shape and form while the design process of basic parameter is kept. It can easier open and edit 3D model form any resource as well as add your design to it while providing unlimited fast design change. Autodesk announced on the exhibition that they would soon launch the first version for Mac.

“Compared with Windows, Mac has lost advantages in graphics processing and drawing aspects.” Some people said so. However, companies such as Autodesk and Adobe still devote to development of various kinds of graphics processing and drawing software for Mac platform. We can find from this point that no matter how powerful Windows products are, they can’t replace Mac’s deep influence in graphic image field. Since current computer hardware doesn’t display obvious difference between higher configuration and lower configuration, computer system experience is the emphasis pursued by every IT giant. Undoubtedly, Mac is more excellent than Windows in system experience. Windows seldom gain success in system experience, especially Windows Vista which can be described as failure. In Mac, we can find Apple always pursue perfect state, especially the extremely excellent user experience. Every time when Mac updates operating system, it is highly praised. Besides, its concise, generous and elegant temperament is favored by business person and designer. So, Mac still holds its position in design industry.

However, although Mac occupies large shares in graphic image industry, the Mac data security problem few people value appeared. As various kinds of Mac viruses appear and Mac users always ignore data security, users always encounter Mac data loss. At this time, the disadvantages of Mac software are also exposed. In Windows, we can use data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery and EasyRecovery to solve data loss. But for Mac, we can hardly find the suitable data recovery software. Two factors may limit Mac data recovery software: first one, the Mac market share. Compared with Windows which occupies more than 90% market share, Mac can be said to have no advantage in market competitiveness. Therefore, considering profit, software developers choose Windows platform but not Mac; Second one, the special Mac file system. Because Mac generally use HFS+ file system which is more complicated than FAT 32 and NTFS and has more difficult data recovery, lots of software developers are unable to produce qualified data recovery software. It naturally causes the lack of Mac data recovery software.

Now that Mac is always used in graphic image, and files in this form generally have great meaning and value, how can we recover them when they are lost? After searching for a long time, I finally find a piece of professional Mac data recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. This software can support Mac data recovery in Mac’s HFS+ file system.

However, any data recovery software can’t ensure 100% data recovery success rate because data recovery is just remedial measure after data loss. In daily Mac use, we must pay attention to Mac data security to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Can we prevent virus by prohibiting U disk automatic start?


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A few days ago, I met a friend. He told me his computer was infected with virus as a result of U disk virus. All his data in U disk were lost, and computer couldn’t be started.

I went to his home and checked his computer, finding that operating system of his computer couldn’t be successfully guided, and the screen displayed that operating system couldn’t be started. I thought it was because virus had damaged the important start file and system file so that operating system couldn’t be normally started. I told my friend about this. He asked me some strange questions, “Can we prevent virus by prohibiting U disk automatic start? I have already prohibited U disk automatic start, and why my computer is still infected with virus?” I felt strange. How could he have such a stupid thought? If things are so simple, data disasters caused by virus spreading through U disk will not be so many every year.

He just asked me to fix his computer. So I asked him that if there were any important data in his computer. Making sure there were no important data in system partition, I reinstalled the operating system. Then I downloaded an anti-virus software to kill the virus successfully. According to his requirement, I recovered lost data from U disk with the data recovery software – MiniTool Power Data Recovery. When I was about to leave, he showed me an article about anti-virus. He said it was this article that told him to prohibit U disk automatic start so that he could prevent virus.

After reading that article, I explained to him patiently. Actually, U disk viruses have many types, including some that spread while U disk is started. When encountering this kind of virus, we can prohibit U disk automatic start and scan virus before starting it. This solution can help us prevent virus to some extent. But if you don’t scan U disk after prohibiting U disk automatic start, your computer will still be infected with virus. Prohibiting U disk automatic start is only the first step of preventing virus infection.

Moreover, anti-virus software can only prevent known computer viruses. As to unknown computer viruses or variation of known virus, anti-virus software is still helpless. Therefore, data loss caused by virus attack is very common. I introduced a piece of data recovery program that restores lost data from U disk to him at last. When data loss happens, he can perform data recovery by himself in the future.

Though this thing has already passed, from the replies of that article I have known there are many other users like my friend who have wrong understanding about anti-virus work. Here let my experience help you when necessary. I hope you will know U disk virus better. It can’t be prevented by only prohibiting U disk automatic start. You can search on the Internet for professional technology and skill so that you can do better anti-virus work.